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Custom Cycling dry fit shirts

The best cycling shirts are much more than an expensive zip-through top. High-quality custom cycling dry-fit shirts will help regulate your body’s temperature and airflow to keep you dry. The new cycling jersey should fit like a glove while allowing slices of air to hit your sweaty body. You should give up your big airy t-shirt for a cycling Revi Wear shirt that does not flap with the wind.

Qualities of a cycling dry-fit shirts


The first consideration while choosing a cycling shirt is not the graphics, but the material. You will realize that most cycling jerseys have polyester material instead of cotton. Cotton is exceedingly uncomfortable and tends to soak up moisture that leaves your body drenched in sweat.

Polyester has high breathability that will pull away from the moisture and keep you from feeling protection against harmful UV rays. Fabric that protects against microbial elements is an added advantage for improved skin protection.


Our array of high-quality custom cycling dry-fit shirts usually have a meticulous construction of the fabric. The best shirts should include panels of cloth that follow the curves of a variety of bodies. The panels increase the technical performance of the garment while allowing your shoulders and front to stretch and wick with ease.

Unlike popular opinions, a flappy jersey will distract you from focusing on the road. It will slow you down and zap some of your energy. Similarly, a shirt that is too long will pull you down as you cycle. The best fits are short on the front and long enough to for the proper coverage of a curved back.


Most road bike custom cycling dry fir shirts will have a zip at the front. Some zippers have the full length of the shirt, while others cover a portion of the measure. Full-length zippers allow maximum ventilation for along or tedious cycling route. Consider the ease of use of each zipper’s length before making an order at Revi Wear – full zippers are hard to close when you open the entire extent.

Length of sleeve

Most people prefer owning both long and short sleeve jerseys. The number of each preference usually depends on the temperature of the region. Most people want long-sleeved jerseys instead of pairing a short-sleeved one with arm warmers. 

Long-sleeved ones are perfect for cold temperatures that range below 50°F. Warm temperatures will help cool your body when you want to cycle in high-temperature regions like South America, or the summer season.

Type of cycling

The kind of cycling will determine the intensity of the exercise and the body’s temperatures. Mountain bikers ride on less speed than road bikers; hence they will have reduced aerodynamics. They will usually have loose-fitting synthetic shirts because they sweat more at slow riding speed. Mountain bikers will, however, wear road bike jerseys when racing, to help in the reduction of body sweat and temperatures.

Revi Wear tailors shirts for all seasons and regions. We customize them for your appeal or a racing team’s agendas. Contact us for your batch order of any designs.



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