Mens League Golf Near Me

Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club is the leading membership club in Sturgeon County. We offer the best, most exciting, latest, and highly popular activities for our club members. From our World-class par-72 golf course with 18 holes, offering exciting challenges to our thrilling winter activities, we have everything to offer for you to have an evening to remember. We also hold Canadian men’s golf leagues and women’s golf leagues near me events in our club that golf enthusiasts from all over the country attend. We are particularly famous for Men’s league golf and our known to be the best venue host for the golf enthusiasts in search of men’s league golf near me.

A Brief Overview Of Our Greatest Men’s Golf League 2021:

What is it?

Our Men’s league is a very popular golf league that takes place at our club on Thursday evenings from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm. You can create your league and compete with the players you want. The leagues' duration is 16 weeks and the league premises consist of our entire golf course with 18 holes, 11 of which include challenging circumstances such as a hill, wide fairways, water challenges, and grassy areas, amongst others.

What to expect?

The men's league at our club is always very competitive but in a fun, light-hearted way. Golf players from all over the country compete in our league and the duration of 16 weeks provides a lot of time for all players to interact, learn, and master their play. Good experience, helpful learning, and cherished memories are a must at our golf course.

Payment Info:

We try to keep all our league memberships and passes as reasonable as possible, only charging what is necessary to maintain the golf course, provide the right equipment, and serve our members.

  • The Membership pass fee for Golf Canada is $50 and includes services such as handicap tracking and accurate season scoring charts.
  • The League Fee, to be paid by the club member ranges at $150.
  • For a public player, the fee is $750 and includes green fees and league fees charges.
  • Paying an additional $200 can get you a power cart to use for a full year.

Virtual Golf Option:

During weather conditions when playing gold outside at our vast golf course is not possible, the leagues can be continued from the comfort of our comfortab,,le and luxurious virtual gold club rooms. Our cozy virtual golf rooms are fully equipped with the best heater system to provide a warm environment for our member during Snow season, and the latest technology golf simulators make it possible for the league members to enjoy the best golf experience and compete like before virtually, from the ease of comfy club rooms.

For Men residing in Sturgeon County, and searching for the best golf course near me, to be a part of the best men’s golf league, Cattail Crossing Club is the ideal place for you!

Contact Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club and learn more about the exciting men's league at 780-973-6686

Mens League Golf Near Me
Cattail Crossing Golf Club
+1 780-973-6686
Mens League Golf Near Me
24427 Township Road 542
edmonton AB T8T 1L4 CA

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