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Beginner MMA Classes- San Diego

Practical Karate is ideal for MMA beginners of all ages. Our classes are fundamental-oriented and build overall fitness and technical proficiency in our students. We help our students master basic movements and coordination first. Stances and footwork, along with endurance, are more critical than punches and kicks. Hence, we place a lot of emphasis on these. Above all else, in MMA, athleticism, and endurance are needed if you hope to compete someday. We prepare you for more advanced training for the future.

We teach a combination of disciplines, from boxing to judo and karate. Our classes are fast-paced and fun for everyone. Indeed, it’s hard to be bored when you’re engaging in new movements, exercises, strikes, takedowns, and self-defense tactics. You will learn how to control your opponents and stay calm and focused under attack. Sparring is optional.

Practical Karate offers MMA Classes in San Diego for all members of the family. We have classes for toddlers, children, teens, young adults, and adults. Each class is age appropriate and highly affordable. Have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will know how to protect themselves if such a need ever arises.

MMA Classes-San Diego: A Healthy Culture
MMA is a fight sport. It is also a unique discipline that can’t be tied down to one set of movements and strikes. Further, MMA is a great workout regimen that will build endurance and whip you into shape in no time. However, mixed martial arts is most effective when it’s implemented as a lifestyle, not just a sport, discipline, or workout regimen that you drop in and out of periodically. If you’re devoted to making MMA a way of life for yourself, it will change the way you think, eat, drink, and sleep for good.

Our MMA classes are unique in San Diego. We don’t just teach the physical stuff; we focus on the mind. After all, it all starts upstairs. MMA is a physical sport (apparently), but having a proper mental attitude is more important than learning to fight. It’s all about finding balance in the way we live, exercising self-control, and making right decisions that contribute to our overall betterment. Training your mind is as important as training your body.

We Teach Martial Arts Fundamentals with a Modern Touch

Our classes are professional, and our instructors teach with a serious tone. We’re aware that people are more likely to stick with something that they enjoy. Our facility is designed to promote a balance of both serious learning and fun activities. We have a 2,000 sq. Ft. training room, large enough for our instructors to work one-on-one or in groups with students. We also offer a supervised children’s play area for students with small children. We use large television monitors with live feeds to enhance teaching. We also have an art room, bathrooms with showers, changing rooms for men and women, and an eating/study area.

All of our classes are modern, and all of our teachings are aligned with the national physical education standards and guidelines set forth by Shape America.

Mma Classes San Diego

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