San Diego Mma ClassesWhat is MMA?
Even though the earliest forms of mixed martial arts date back to over 6,000 years ago, the sport only gained popularity in the United States in the last 25 years. It is believed that the term itself was coined by Howard Rosenberg in 1993 during a review of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event held in Denver, Colorado. MMA combines striking and grappling techniques from other martial arts and combat sports. Some of the disciplines incorporated into MMA include Judo, Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Taekwondo and Capoeira, amongst other less popular combat styles.
Where to train?
With the sport quickly gaining popularity in all 50 states, MMA classes are now available across thousands of gyms across the country. Here in San Diego alone, there are over 60 facilities offering some form of mixed martial arts training. Beginners however may want to consider signing up for an actual class or camp in order to learn the proper fundamentals of the sport. At Practical Karate, we offer MMA classes tailored to all skill levels, from beginners to expert martial artists. We focus on creating an enthusiastic environment where our students work towards meaningful goals and objectives. We do encourage cooperative learning and peer mentoring while using student performance assessment to identify achievements as well as areas in need of improvement. Our San Diego facility features a 2,000 square foot training room and state of the art amenities.
Why MMA?
MMA classes have many health and wellness benefits. Training can help with weight loss and overall fitness as it engages the entire body and it is the ultimate calorie burner activity. It promotes strength and endurance building and can help improve flexibility and coordination. Beyond the physical benefits, mixed martial arts is a great way to build self discipline and persistence, and improve self confidence and overall mental condition. Another reason to take an MMA class is to learn self defense techniques, which makes the sport especially appealing to women.
Is an MMA Class Safe?
Mixed martial arts have somewhat of a reputation of being a dangerous sport. This is a misconception largely based on the competitive aspect of the sport and the championships we see on TV. The rules and regulations have changed over the years to ensure the safety and well being of the athletes. Additionally, an MMA class is entirely different from an actual competition. Our training sessions have been designed with safety in mind for all ages and ability levels and are not any more dangerous than other sports and fitness activities. Our instructors are amongst the most qualified MMA professionals in the San Diego area and we promote a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all students in our facility.
If you have been considering an MMA class and you are located in the San Diego area, Practical Karate can help you achieve your mixed martial arts goals whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fighter San Diego Mma Classes

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