Adaptive Karate and Self Defense Classes!

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Practical Karate of San Diego

Welcome to Practical Karate of San Diego with Frank McCarroll, M.S.
Karate classes for adults, kids and people with special needs are offered at Barum Jiu-Jitsu. Click here for a List of Class Schedules offered by Practical Karate.

With Practical Karate in San Diego and Sensei Frank McCarroll, participants will have the ability to take advantage of some of the world’s best training in the specific types of fighting art forms. The facility is in a city that is well known and respected for its training in the realms of fighting forms, and this venue is another component of the arsenal. Participants will be engaged in forms of karate sparring, which will greatly improve one’s coordination, awareness, and abilities of quick reaction. These forms of training will involve a great amount of repetition, which is an imperative necessity to ensure the fighter is building up their reactionary nerves. With the repetitive motions, participants will slowly build themselves up to mastery levels in the fighting form of karate.

Learn effective self-defense techniques while getting a GREAT workout. Learn to defend yourself against a bigger and stronger attacker. Bring your daughters and your friends and learn how to protect yourself! Sensei McCarroll teaches self-defense workshops throughout the San Diego area. Group classes and private sessions are available for families and small private groups. These workshops can be held in your home or backyard.

For more information on Karate Class Schedule for Kids, Adults and Special Needs Students contact Sensei Frank McCarroll at

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