Class Descriptions

Practical Karate Class Descriptions

Little Ninjas

Karate class for students ages 3-5. This class focuses on fundamental movement skills, sitting/standing still, following directions and enjoying movement.

Kids Karate

For students ages 5-10. This class teaches movement skills, discipline, self-control, practical karate skills and self-defense in a format that is both enjoyable and beneficial for children.

Kids Art

Students learn the foundations of art in a format that is both educational and fun. Art students learn how to use color, shape, lines, texture, form, space and value for creative expression.

Practical Karate

For adults and kids (10 years old and up or Orange belt and higher) with a focus on fitness and practical fighting skills.

Judo & Ground Defense

Basic Judo to stay on your feet and throw your opponent as well as grappling techniques to get back to your feet if you end up on the ground.


A boxing class with a focus on fitness and technical proficiency using traditional boxing training methods. Sparring optional after class.


Bo, Sai and Tonfa techniques from Ryukyu Kobudo, stick techniques from Advincula’s Combat Escrima, weapons defense and disarms.