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Kids Karate Classes

Main Focus:

    1. Discipline - The traditional martial arts culture of discipline through example, enforcement of rules and accountability.
    2. Focus - Through karate kata by memorization and execution of sequential techniques that become progressively more difficult and complex.
    3. Cooperation - Peer tutoring to develop empathy and patience. Group tasks to practice working well with others.
    4. Intermediate Locomotor Skills and Coordination - Creating better athletes by focusing on core athletic skills using the skill theme approach to physical education.
    5. Endurance, Flexibility & Strength - Exercises, drills and games to create healthier stronger bodies.
    6. Basic Self-Defense Skills - Techniques and strategies to promote situational awareness, evasion skills and the ability to fight when flight is not an option.
  • Ages: 5-10
  • Class Times: Monday - Friday 4:30-5:30pm, Saturday 10-11am

This class teaches the students the fundamentals and skills to better prepare them for the self-defense focus of the Practical Karate class.

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