Self Defense for Kids in San Diego with Practical Karate

Sensei Frank McCarroll Teaches Kids Self Defense with an Innovative Curriculum

Sensei Frank McCarroll at Practical Karate teaches kids Karate, basic coordination skills as well as basic self defense. Sensei Frank McCarroll uses innovative educational techniques to teach kids basic self defense and practical karate. In this video Frank McCarroll is teaching some energetic 3-10 year olds how to use basic self defense techniques and how to break the grip of someone trying to grab you.

Sensei Frank McCarroll at Practical Karate is very passionate about the safety of children in our schools as Frank is a father himself as well as a professional educator. Frank McCarroll at Practical Karate knows how to make learning fun for the kids as well as teach kids karate and basic self defense that they can use in every day life. For more information on Kids Karate in San Diego as well as Self Defense for Kids contact Sensei Frank McCarroll

– Article was written by Frank McCarroll at Practical Karate

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